Society for Range Management | 2019 Annual Meeting


2019 Annual Meeting Program

Day 1
Feb 10, 2019

Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC) Workshop

1:00 Energy and Environmental Law, Why the Controversy Jeremy Duehr 1:45 Rules and Regulation Requirements into SWPPP Program Delivery Jennifer Hildebrand 2:30 Break 2:45 Implementing the SWPPP for Turbine and...
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Day 2
Feb 11, 2019

Plenary Session

8:00 Flag ceremony 173 Airborne Color Guard8:15 Welcome Message Mark Hayek, North Central Section Representative 8:25 Native American Rangelands Special Presentation – Over 55 million acres are in federal trust...
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Riparian Ecosystems/Water

1:00 PM Riparian Grazing Case Studies – Results from Sixteen Years of Monitoring Theresa Becchetti 1:20 PM Considerations for Riparian Complex Ecological Site Description Development Miranda Meehan 1:40 PM The...
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Invasive Species Management and Monitoring I

1:00 PM Spatiotemporal Patterns of Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Die-off in Northern Nevada Joseph R. Brehm 1:20 PM Potential Long-term Cheatgrass Seedling Reduction with Indaziflam in Sagebrush-grassland Communities in Sublette County,...
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New Geospatial Technologies for Monitoring Rangelands: What Kind of Questions Can We Ask Now?

Sponsored by the GIS/Remote Sensing Committee 1:00 Geospatial Analyses to Improve Rangeland Vegetation Inventory of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation Scott Zimmer 1:20 Quick Carbon: Tools for Tomorrow, Today...
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Friend or Foe: Introduced Forage Species in Native Range

Sponsored by the SRM Invasive Species Committee and Dow Agrosciences 1:00 Warm-season Grass Invaders and Introduction Daniel (Chad) Cummings 1:20 Challenges of Old-world Bluestems Karen Hickman 1:40 Old World Bluestems...
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Adaptive Management of a Novel Ecosystem: Kentucky Bluegrass Invaded Rangeland Response to Prescribed Fire and Grazing

1:00 Summary of Prescribed Burning/Grazing Impacts on Kentucky Bluegrass in Kansas Walter Fick 1:20 Soil Hydrologic Function Associated with Kentucky Bluegrass Thatch and its Removal Caley Gasch 1:40 Heterogeneous Forage...
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Approaches to Evaluating Foraging Behavior of Free-Ranging Livestock

Sponsored by the SRM Livestock Foraging Behavior Committee 1:00 Analytical Approaches to Studying Resource Selection and Movement Patterns of Free-ranging Herbivores Ryan Nielson 1:20 Challenges of Livestock Behavioral Research: Examples...
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Fire Ecology and Management

1:00 PM Re-sprouting Shrub Encroachment in the Tallgrass Prairie: Assessing Various Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Management Strategies Michael W. Bartmess1 1:20 PM How Does Patch-Burn Grazing Affect Forage Production, Plant...
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Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment

1:00 PM Immersive Co-Production to Inform Ranch Management in the Gunnison Valley, CO US Jake Courkamp 1:20 PM Using AIM Data to Inform Wild Horse & Burro Management Decisions Amanda...
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Rangeland Ecology

1:00 PM Effects of Fire, Drought, and Soil Fertility on Herbaceous Communities in a Semi-Arid Savanna Heather J. Hannusch1 1:20 PM Projections of Climate-Induced Land Cover Change in the U.S. Great...
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Vegetation Management and Restoration I

1:00 PM Fine Fuels Management at the Landscape Scale: A Collaborative Model in the Northern Great Basin Sergio A. Arispe 1:20 PM Activated Carbon Pods and Pre-Emergent Herbicide: A New...
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Grazing Ecology and Management I

1:00 PM Comparison of Grazing Behavior of Rangefed Raramuri Criollo Cows, Heifers and Steers During Five Seasons Flavie Audoin2 1:20 PM Classifying Livestock Grazing Behavior With the Use of a...
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Day 3
Feb 12, 2019

Making Rangeland Education & Careers Accessible for Native American Youth: How Can We Do Better?

Sponsored by the SRM Diversity Task Force and Native American Rangeland Advisory Committee This session will be facilitated by Native American Rangeland Advisory Committee members who will work with Native...
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Returning Grazing Animals to a Minnesota Prairie System: Politics, Science, and Beyond

Attendees in this session will hear from a host of individuals involved in the process of returning livestock to the Chippewa Prairie in southwest Minnesota. Chippewa Prairie is highly regarded...
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Producers Forum and SRM Grazing Lands Coalition Committee

Sponsored by the SRM Grazing Lands Coalition Committee, Redd Fund, South Dakota SARE, and National Grazing Land Coalition Putting Science on the Ground – The Producer’s Forum will consist of...
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Unpacking the Equilibrium-Nonequilibrium Ecology Debate: Lessons Learned and Future Perspectives

8:30 Debate Development, Current Status and Lessons Learned David D. Briske 9:10 Lessons Learned: Scale and Functional Heterogeneity Are Foundational Concepts Sam D. Fuhlendorf 10:00 Break 10:20 Beyond the Range...
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Harnessing Technology to Improve Conservation Effectiveness on Western Working Lands

Sponsored by NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife and Sage Grouse Initiative 8:00 Rangeland Analysis Platform: New Technology Revolutionizes Rangeland Monitoring Brady Allred, Matthew jones 8:20 AIM and Shoot: Delivering and...
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Improving Reclamation Success on Western Public Lands

Sponsored by Restoration and Reclamation Committee 8:00 Improving Reclamation Success on Western Public Lands Gordon Toevs 8:20 Improvements in Disturbance and Reclamation Tracking Janna Simonsen 8:40 One Steppe: Efforts from...
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Conservation and Monitoring of Native Pollinators – Morning

Sponsored by Wildlife Habitat Committee 8:00 Conserving North Dakota’s Native Pollinators: From Planning to Action Elisha Mueller 8:20 Habitat Management: One Path for Dakota Skipper Recovery Andrew Horton 8:40 Integrated...
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A Rangeland Production and Phenology Monitoring Service

In this session we describe two new services available for managers and producers. These services include an assessment of annual production and phenology for US rangelands.  Users will be able...
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What Do We Know About Trigger Points in Rangeland Plants Impacted by Drought? – Morning

Sponsored by North Plains Climate Hub and Rangeland Resources and Systems Research Unit (RRSRU) 8:00 Welcome and Introduction Kevin Sedivec 8:05 Predicting Forage Production in South Dakota: Important Trigger Dates...
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Adaptive Rangeland Management through a Better Understanding of Plant Responses to Drought: Scaling Ecophysiological Responses to Sustain Future Landscapes

8:00 Learning from the Past: Identifying the Historical Significance of Plant Functional Research on Rangeland Management Troy Ocheltree 8:20 Physiological And Microanatomical Responses To Extreme Drought In Andropogon Gerardii Seton...
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Vegetation Management and Restoration II

8:00 AM Indaziflam Effects on Seed Production for Established Perennial Grasses Beth Fowers 8:20 AM GF-3850 – A New Herbicide for Use in Rangeland, Pastures, and Other Non-Crop Sites Byron...
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The Important Role of SRM Sections as Conduits for Increasing Diversity and Cultivating Inclusivity in the National SRM

Sponsored by the SRM Diversity Task Force SRM Sections can be some of the most appropriate facilitators for increasing diversity and cultivating an environment of inclusivity. In this session, we...
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What Do We Know About Trigger Points in Rangeland Plants Impacted by Drought? – Afternoon

Sponsored by North Plains Climate Hub and Rangeland Resources and Systems Research Unit (RRSRU) 1:00 Dos and Don’ts of Drought (Climate Change) Workshops Retta Bruegger 1:40 Influence of Precipitation on...
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Ranchers’ and Researchers’ Guide to Cattle Grazing Behavior Technology Workshop

Sponsored by SRM Livestock Foraging Behavior Committee All participants will need to pay for materials used in the workshop. You can pay for the materials by going to this site:...
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Producer’s Forum: Putting Science on the Ground

Sponsored by the SRM Grazing Lands Coalition Committee 1:00 Minnesota Native Landscapes Conservation Grazing: An Integrated Approach to Land Management, Presented by Jake Janski, Minnesota Native Landscapes – Otsego, MN...
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Conservation and Monitoring of Native Pollinators – Afternoon

Sponsored by Wildlife Habitat Committee 1:00 Spatial Targeting and Seed Mix Design: Decision Modeling to Support Pollinator Conservation Eric Lonsdorf 1:20 Harvesting Effects on Wild Bee Communities in Bioenergy Grasslands...
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The Proof Is in the Pudding: Showcasing Diverse Perspectives on Success and Failure in Rangeland Reclamation and Restoration

Sponsored by the Restoration and Reclamation Committee 1:00 The Restore New Mexico Collaborative Monitoring Program: The Action and the Science Leticia Lister, Brandon Bestelmeyer 1:40 Propagation of Great Basin Native...
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Making SRM More Inclusive

Sponsored by SRM Diversity Task Force The SRM BoD has identified a need to make our Society a more inclusive place.  The first interaction with SRM that perspective members have...
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Grassland Restoration/Reconstruction: Lessons Learned from Practice and Research

1:00 Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Restoration and Management in the Eastern Great Plains Susan Galatowitsch 1:30 When Patience Pays, and When It Does Not, in Prairie Reconstruction Diane Larson...
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Great Writing, Great Review: The Art and Science of Successful Publication

SCIENTIFIC WRITING SESSION (part 1) 1:00 Introduction: Why you should be here Rebecca Ozeran 1:05 Strong scientific writing: Panel Perspectives and Discussion Rebecca K. Ozeran, David Briske, Stephanie Larson, Bret...
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Grazing Ecology and Management II

1:00 PM Moderating Stocking Rate Stabilizes Forage Availability More Than Patch-Burning in Low-Stature Grassland Devan McGranahan 1:20 PM Clipping Reduces Geyer Larkspur Aboveground Mass and Toxicity Paul J. Meiman 1:40...
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Day 4
Feb 13, 2019

Rapid Assessment Tools for Measuring Ecosystem Properties in Rangelands

8:00 Rapid Soil and Ecological Site Identification and Vegetation Monitoring Using the LandPKS App Jeffery Herrick 8:20 Open-Access Geospatial Tools for Land Management on Google Earth Engine Charlie Bettigole 8:40...
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Grazing, Wildlife and Rangeland Interactions

8:00 AM Free-Roaming Horses in Montane Riparian Areas of Arizona: Determining Use of Forage Resources? Andrew M. Antaya 8:20 AM How Many Prairie Dogs Are Too Many? One Bird’s Perspective...
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Invasive Species Management and Monitoring II

8:20 AM Gamma Radiation on Natal Grass [Melinis repens(Willd.) Zizka], Germoplasm to Induce Nutritional Content Variability Federico Villarreal Guerrero 8:40 AM Impacts of Simulated Trampling on Regrowth of Yellow Flag...
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Remote Sensing and Technology

8:00 AM AIM and Shoot: Delivering and Sharing Range Data Quickly Colin M. Dovichin 8:20 AM Modeling Land Resource Units to Inform ESD Development in Central California’s Coast Range Dave...
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Using Genetic Selection as a Tool for Managing Livestock Distribution

Sponsored by SRM Animal Behavior Committee 8:00 What Is the Basis for Grazing Distribution: Nature Vs. Nurture? Larry Howery 8:20 Selection for Grazing Distribution, Difficulties and Opportunities Derek Bailey 8:40...
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The Conflict of Privately-Owned Stockwater on Federally Administered Lands

Presentations with discussion by Dave Duquette and Ramona Hage Morrison

Using State and Transition Models to Organize Restoration Information

8:00 Introduction 8:10 Threat-Based State and Transition Models for Managing Rangeland in Dysfunctional Ecosystems Chad Boyd 8:30 Novel Approaches to Restore Degraded Grasslands in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks Mike...
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Rangeland Social Science

8:00 AM Are Community Rules or Formal Tenure More Effective to Achieve Sustainable Grazing in Mongolia? Ginger Allington 8:20 AM The Landscape of North American Rangeland Social Science: A Systematic...
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Sustainable Farmers Association of Minnesota Workshop

Sponsored by the Sustainable Farming Association Integrating Managed Grazing for Soil Health Water quality and its relationship to agriculture is a highly charged issue in the Midwest. Addressing soil health,...
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Wildlife Habitat and Management

10:40 AM Across Scales, Pronghorn Select Sagebrush and Avoid Fences, and Avoid Anthropogenic Features in Winter Jeffrey L. Beck 11:00 AM Influence of Grassland Management Systems on Fine-Scale Distribution of...
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