Society for Range Management | 2019 Annual Meeting

Presentation Guidelines

presentation guidelines


Oral Presentation Guidelines

All technical session oral presentations will be 20 minutes long this includes questions. Symposium presentation length is set by the organizer. It is suggested to use these software presentation programs: Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe pdf. Programs that rely on connections to the internet like Prezi or Google Docs should be avoided if possible. It is suggested to bring your presentation on a portable drive since email and logging into cloud drives can be unpredictable. You should contact your moderator right before the session to get your presentation loaded onto the computer.

Poster Presentation Size Guidelines

Maximum size for each poster is 4 feet tall by 3.5 feet wide. Each board used to hang posters is 4 feet by 8 feet, and two posters will hang on each side of the board. If you have larger displays getting a both at the trade show should be considered. Pins will be provided to mount posters, but if you do not want holes in the poster bring your own fastening system. Posters are to go in their numbered spot that corresponds with the program number.